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    “City of Money makers – India’s financial and business capital, creative centre of Bollywood film industry, Entrepreneurs thrive here and it is the City that never sleeps”. Famous Taj Hotel, India gate, Chowpatty, Marine lines & hanging gardens amongst many interesting places to visit.


    The National capital city comprises of the old historic city full of nostalgic architectual, local crafts and state of art  modern infrastructure with its unique cultural identity. Delhi has been the seat of political power for thousands of years and abounds in British architecture and city palnning .

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    The famous Mughal capital & home to the iconic, Taj Mahal, also home to marvellous architecture like the Red fort, Fatehpur Sikri, handloom markets. Agra also features, carpet & marble artisans & wonderful crafts in marble, as well as unique local arts and crafts centre


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    India’s own Silicon Valley and early IT hub centre, and high-tech industrial area. Be captivated by the local arts, leather products manufacturing, business & regional history and visit Mysores mesmerising  palaces which are close by to lots of local parks and gardens.


    Cultural and business hub of South India & famous for its traditional music, dance and architectural heritage. Close by are the temples of Mahabalipuram famous for its rock cut one piece designs

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    The gateway to God’s own country, with a tantalizing array of aromatic spices and houseboats on the Allepey backwaters. Ancient Christianity flourished here, Chinese traders came to trade for spices for centuries, the Portugese & Dutch sailed to discover this land and it is steeped in European history.

  • GOA


    “Tourist Paradise” of India, Goa is much more than just beaches and the laid back beaches on the sea, amazing culinary & Portuguese influence abounds all over.

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    Nizams “City of Pearls”, wonderful Palaces full of riches, old forts, tantalising famous cuisine, amazing architectural mix of Persian & Indian styles, modern metropolitan city and vast modern IT hub.

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    The Pink City – Indian Royalty as it should be, stories of  valour & bravery steeped in India’s  history, stories of beautiful Princesses, huge Palaces, forts & mystique galore.

  • Golden Fort-Jaisalmer


    On a ridge of yellowish sandstone this Golden City of Rajasthan is of History, bravery & chivalry, wonderful colours, tales of valour, local beauty to die for.


    The Royal heart of Rajasthan, the Sun City known for the bright sunny weather all around the year. Royal architecture & a blend of history & cultures.


    Dust swirling desert town with fabulous forts & energising vibe steeped in romance & local history, local architecture and stories of bravery abound.

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    The most romantic city, Udaipur is all about reliving royalty and appreciating the city palaces, colourful historic markets, forts & lakes, arts and crafts


    This city of joy is a perfect amalgam of old world charm and modernity, a huge business hub for centuries. It was the seat of power for the British East India Company, major trade port and financial hub. Made famous as City of Joy & by Mother Teresa.

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    This City of Nawabs, known for its polite sensibilities of rich traditions, the Independence War of 1857, the famous culinary & unique architecture and Lucknowi poetry, Kathak dance, arts and crafts, Lucknowi costumes and cuisine

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    The Spiritual capital of India, thousands of year old city where Hindus want to accept death to obtain Nirvana –release from cycles of rebirth, yet a city full of life, vivid colours, Nirvana, mystical sages & sadhus, colourful saris &  ancient Vedas, knowledge centre of learning & education for thousands of years and seat of spirituality for generations.


    The Kama Sutra capital of the world, wondrous amorous temples & architecture, quiet life style & a unique culture. There is no other piece of temple architecture of this type anywhere else on the planet