Jodhpur stands at the edge of the Thar Desert and was the citadel of the ancient Marwar kingdom. This bustling desert city is the 2nd largest in Rajasthan after Jaipur. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination featuring many places, forts & temples, set in the stark landscape of Thar Desert. The city is known as “Sun City” for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all the year around. It is also referred as the “Blue City” due to the vivid blue painted houses around the Meherangarh fort.

History: Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha, the leader of the Rathore clan in 1459. The mammoth imposing fortress Meherangarh, has a landscape dominating a rocky ridge with the eight gates leading out of the fortress. According to Rajasthan district Gazetteers of Jodhpur and the Hindu epic Ramayana were the original inhabitants of Jodhpur and late Aryans spread to this region.

Climate: The climate of Jodhpur is generally hot and semi-arid, but with a rainy season from late June to September. Temperatures are extreme throughout the period from March to October, except when monsoonal rain produces thick clouds to lower it slightly. In the months of April, May and June, high temperatures routinely exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

How to get there:

Air: Jodhpur airport is 5 km away from the city centre & has daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore.

Road: A convenient mode of travel to Jodhur is by road. Jodhpur is connected by road to all major cities in Rajasthan and neighbouring states like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Ujjain, Agra etc.

Lifstyle: Lifestyle in Jodhpur is quite fascinating. The Jodhpuri people are amongst the most hospitable people of India. The folks here wear nice and lovely multihued costumes. The women folk wear wide gathered skirts and a hip length jacket, with three quarter length sleeves, covering the front and back. Jodhpur has a number of restaurants and eating-places. You get every cuisine in Jodhpur, ranging from Indian to Chinese to Continental to Mughlai cuisine. The city is also famous for its sweets. It is like a tradition in Jodhpur to first have something sweet and then proceed on to the main course. The sweet hospitality of Jodhpur is known as Mithi Manuhar. Maybe this is the reason for the sweet tone of the people of Jodhpur.

Day2a Mehrangarh fort