Kolkata is a city of rich colonial history. It was the 2nd city of commercial wealth and the capital of Raj India till 1911. Conglomeration of different architectural grandeur, the city Kolkata famed as London of the East and gradually became the metropolis of cultural potboiler of India with multidimensional characteristics. Though lost its glory after the shifting of Capital to Delhi and due continuous political tumour still the city attracts lot of people around the globe because of its vibrant warmth. The city has developed along the banks of holy river Ganges over the years.
Calcutta has a Tropical wet-and-dry climate. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the low 30’s and during dry spells the maximum temperatures often exceed 40 °C during May and June. Winter tends to last for only about two and a half months, with seasonal lows dipping to 9 °C – 11 °C between December and January.Calcutta is the home of the Bengalis – volatile in politics, sports lover, and intellectual, romantic with a unique sensibility. To whom every activity is a commitment of passionate intensity – be it a religious festival, soccer matches political demonstrations, music, art, poetry reading, eating or chat sessions. Calcutta breeds culture.Calcutta (Kolkata0 is literally a melting pot of cultures. This quality is best accentuated in its rich culinary traditions, which has been culled through the ages and inspired by several migrations and invasions. The Mughals for instance introduced the love for decadent biryani’s and thick gravy based curries among the populace. The ubiquitous “kathi roll”, which has become popular across the country was invented here by the Mohmedan community. The wave of Haka Chinese immigrants who moved to the city during the Sino-Indian war, brought with them delicious recipes of authentic Haka Chinese food. Their ingenuous recipes, combined with the local herbs and spices have become a distinguished brand today, popularly referred to as “Indian-Chinese” food. Then you have Continental Food that was popularized by the British and other Europeans during the colonial rule. From the humble “bread and stew” at the local street stall to the succulent sizzlers and steaks at restaurants, numerous variants of the Continental style can be savoured in the city.

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